About Us

Introduced in 1997 after 18 months of development work, the Kliktronic system is the result of a design partnership between Bob Sirett and Keith Holland.
Both keen bikers, they have been involved in Engineering and Electrical development work; between them, they have over 80 years of experience.
The system was originally designed to overcome a disability problem. Bob's son Carl was paralysed in a motorcycle accident. Determined to get back on a bike, the system gave him a newfound freedom which has now benefited many thousands of disabled riders who thought they would never ride again. The simple push-button gearshift format makes fitting the unit fairly straightforward on virtually any machine - see the gallery page for some examples.
The unit has also become very popular with the racing world. It is quicker (typically 50 milliseconds) and more consistent than a manual shift and has therefore found favour amongst racing and track day riders - the system is also particularly well suited to bike engined cars.

There are now thousands of kliktronic units in use worldwide, including some machines covering over 1000 miles per week -  some in extremely adverse conditions ranging from arctic to desert


Using their own engineering facilities, the Kliktronic team is constantly improving and developing the system. Currently, it’s in its MK.VI version - much smaller, lighter, faster and more powerful than the earlier versions. All components used are of the highest quality. All electrical assembly work is carried out in house ensuring that the highest standards are maintained - each unit undergoes a rigorous test procedure at various stages of manufacture. Go to our technical page to see the kit components in detail.
Also available is the Flat Shifter ignition interrupt system, which enables full-throttle clutchless push-button upchanges - a particular advantage in competitive use. This has further been enhanced by a groundbreaking new development - a clutchless downshift module.
For UK based clients there is an in house fitting service available, along with approved fitting centres across the country. Recently established in the USA, Australia, The Netherlands, France and Denmark - there is now a growing network of worldwide distributors.


Kliktronic Ltd continues to work in partnership with bike manufacturers, motor research establishments, racing teams, disabled bikers organisations and individuals seeking to improve and develop the system to cater for specialist requirements. As the 'original' motorcycle push-button gearshift system, we have seen in the recent past various 'copies' of our system - however, none come close in terms of quality, reliability, performance and value - beware of imitations!