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Kliktronic system prices from £599 - VAT exempt for disabled riders

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The Kliktronic gear change system (electric shifter or quick shifter) is best described as an 'electronic foot'. It’s operated by two discreet buttons - usually mounted on the left handlebar which sit conveniently beneath the thumb.
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As an electric shifter, it is powered by the bike's electrical system. So unlike air shifters, once fitted there is virtually no maintenance and no bulky gas bottles to fill.

It is dual acting for both up and down shifts, and as the name quick shifter suggests, is very fast and consistent - typically 35 - 50 milliseconds on Japanese gearboxes.
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Designed to accommodate riders with a disability preventing changing gear with the foot, the Kliktronic push button gear change is the ideal solution for everyone. It’s suitable for virtually any kind of riding, whether you are looking for a fast change for racing or track days, or comfort and convenience when cruising.
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More recently, we have seen an increase in bike-engined cars. Again, the Kliktronic gear change system is perfect for this application, giving you a true F1 type feel, using either steering wheel buttons or paddles for a slick gear change
Push the green button for up and red button for down. It’s as simple as that.


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The current retail price of the Kliktronic system is £599 + VAT (there are usually dispensations from VAT for disabled riders within the EEC)
Delivery to mainland UK locations is £12 via Business Post.
Carriage to overseas locations is charged at the current Fedex rate for packages of 2.5kg.
Please contact us for a specific price or view our worldwide distributors page for details. Contact them directly for details on pricing and delivery in your local currency. Please note, local taxes or duty may apply.


We can also supply an optional ignition interrupt module which is compatible with our system, this is available as an add-on if not required immediately. The cost of this module is £199 + VAT - there is no additional carriage charge if ordered at the same time as the Kliktronic unit.
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Q: Do I still have to use the clutch?

A: Yes, for pulling away and for town work - once underway though you can change up without the clutch and often down without the clutch too- depending on the gearbox and your skill at matching the revs.

Q: How do I find neutral?

A: The Kliktronic system is designed to have a 'feel factor' emulating the way you would use your foot. In this way it responds to the way you press the buttons. A positive push on the 'up' button will take you from 1st to 2nd gear. Whereas a quick stab at the button will lift you out of 1st into neutral - it is a knack which you soon acquire and will be able to get neutral at will.

Q: Can I still use the existing foot change?

A: Yes, usually you can retain the existing pedal - since the Kliktronic is completely free floating until energised you can make a normal manual shift if you wish.

Q: Can I use the Kliktronic with an ignition interrupt system?

A: Yes, the unit is compatible with all popular interrupt systems, in particular we recommend the Techtronics system which can be triggered directly from our buttons using an additional module.

Q: How fast is the Kliktronic system compared to a manual change?

A: It is significantly faster and more consistent, see our Dyno page where we have compared figures for manual change, Kliktronic assist and Kliktronic plus ignition interrupt - we have managed to get the interrupt time down to about 35 milliseconds using this system.

Q: Do I need to modify my machine in any way to fit a Kliktronic unit?

A: In most cases the unit simply clamps to the frame or some convenient mounting point and is attached to an existing pedal arrangement, however sometimes the lever may need to be modified to achieve the best results. Other than this you may have to remove a small piece of handlebar grip to accommodate the switch assembly, in some cases this is not necessary, simply by moving the clutch and switch assembly. (See our gallery page for examples). It is a straightforward matter to remove the system if you change your machine leaving it in original condition - we have many owners who have used the same system on several machines in succession.

Q: How much does the unit cost to fit?

A: We have an in house fitting service, plus a network of approved centres who can carry out the work. The price will vary for each machine, an average figure would be around £2-300.

Q: I am building a bike-engined car, how well will the unit work in this application? Also can I use paddles instead of your push-button steering wheel switches?

A: We have supplied numerous units for car applications, they are even capable of working the box in tandem with a conventional stick shift giving you both options. Switching can be made by virtually any means including rev-limiters etc.

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